Commercial Spraying

Complete line of orchard spraying, both power-blast tree spraying and herbicide. Gentry’s Custom Farming is EPA and Pest Control Licensed in the State of CA.


Shaking is an integral part of the harvest process. It is an importrant process that can yield in bigger crops if done right, but can be damaging if done wrong. Trust an experienced farmer.


Orchard Sweeping helps control many aspects of the the farming process to produce a successful and fruitful harvest. Our prices are fair and reasonable.

Full Orchard Management

With decades of experience, Gentry’s Custom Farming has been managing all aspects of Orchard Management from start to finish and everything in between.

Land Leasing

Available to additional land to lease. The land will be treated with the utmost care and concern. With proper farm techniques your land can be improved and produce higher yields.

Harvest Preparation

Land planning and/or mowing to allow faster, smoother and more efficient process for pick-up. We realize time is money and with the right preparation the grower is able to reclaim more product and decrease the cost of harvesting equipment in the field.

Tractor Work

A complete line of tractor services, no acreage is too small. Everything from tillage to land preparation.